Customised sustainable solutions

The Letbek solution universe is multidisciplinary. Yet, the starting point for all of our bespoke solutions is always the needs of the customers. Our ability to apply the appropriate and relevant technology, craftsmanship skill and material choices to each individual project provides our customers and partners with substantial value.

The L-shaped Canyon 2.0™ threshold channel by Milford® produced from stainless steel and 100% upcycled plastic from Letbek is designed and engineered to allow for faster installation, increased stability and greater adaptability than ever. And it is one of many sustainable solutions we produce for the construction and building industry in Europe.
Re-Imagineering plastic
Securing short-term success should never risk long-term survival. Business sustainability is the ability of firms to respond to their short-term needs without compromising the ability to meet future needs.
philosophy of LETBEK

We build long-lasting relationships


A sustainable future depends on our collective ability to re-imagine how we use our resources wisely. Combining design, innovation and multidisciplinary approaches allows us to play a valuable role in re-thinking tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

We contribute to establishing sustainable solutions with bold strategic partners with the intent to build a new circular economy through design and re-imagination.

Currently we design, develop and supply imaginative solutions to the building & construction industry, the design furniture industry, the agricultural industry and the production industry. Yet, new and bold projects surface in pretty much every industry segment imaginable.

We design and innovate products and solutions for a sustainable future and currently contribute to industry segments such as:

  • Building & Construction
  • Design Furniture
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Production
  • Water Treatment

Feel free to join us with your specific industry challenge.


Our re-engineering skills and know-how allows us to appropriately challenge any given project presented to us.

We offer injection moulding, pressure moulding, extrusion and moulded foam technologies to our customers, as well as expert advice and consultation with our technically advanced R&D department.

A deep knowledge of how circular economy thinking can contribute and add value to new projects and solutions is an integral part of partnering up with Letbek.


At Letbek the secret to responsible use of polymers (plastic) as raw material is closely linked to the people we employ.

Decades of curiosity, ingenuity, craftmanship and skill have granted us an unparalleled expertise in disassembling plastic into fractions and re-applying these into new, even stronger and better materials.

We use marine plastic, upcycled plastic and virgin plastic. And we combine it with and challenge complementary material integration – such as wood and metal – into to imaginative, new products and solutions which our customers, and the world, need.


Virgin Plastics


Recycled Plastics

rPEHD, rPELD, rPP, rPVC, rABS etc.

Polyurethane (PUR)

Moulded RigidPUR, Moulded FlexiPUR, Moulded CombiPUR and Cut Foam

Metal inserts for furniture

Wooden inserts for furniture

We recycle and upcycle plastic from industries and oceans and use it to solve the challenges presented to us by our customers.
Philosophy of Letbek

We love to be challenged

Complicated challenges and innovative co-creation with our customers and partners are perhaps what motivates us the most. And the more complicated the challenges, the more relevant our multidisciplinary approach to solving them becomes.

When we combine our ability to re-imagine, re-engineer and re-apply recycled and upcycled plastic with the technological capabilities of modern polymer production facilities in Denmark and Poland we are able to contribute significantly to our customers’ innovative solutions and competitiveness .

Here’s just a few good examples of the opportunities that our capabilities represent.

The world is rapidly adapting to new consumption patterns as enterprises, individual citizens, and the public sector increasingly support the market for circular solutions.
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