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Turn your plastic waste into a valuable deposit for future plastic solutions

Since year 2000 our native Danish society has been expanding the deposit and return system for beverage containers called Dansk Retursystem to increase recycling and guide responsible consumer behaviour. In this system, consumers are rewarded with a small return deposit payment every time they recycle their primarily plastic and glass containers.

At Letbek we have been operating somewhat similarly since 1973. Farmers, local businesses and industries were offered a small payment for depositing properly handled and separated plastic waste that we could then, in turn, recycle into new plastic products.

Today we are experiencing increasing interest from our customers towards combining their own discarded plastic waste and their growing demand for sustainably applied plastic solutions.

Integrating own waste in tomorrow’s smart plastic solutions is genuine circular thinking and demonstrates how waste management systems can be customised and built to suit most companies.

We operate in a dynamic network of international partners that all consider plastic a valuable resource. Partners that have all responsibly taken an active part in the sustainable transformation of society.

We would love to develop your individual waste management system with you. Care to be a part of the solution?

When we think about it and help each other out, plastic becomes a circular resource which can be utilised to address challenges and problems rather than create them.
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