What we do

In the early days our customers chose Letbek almost entirely because of our price competitiveness. Founded during the 1973 oil crisis our customers saw the new Letbek recycled plastic option as an attractive alternative.

Decades later our technological capabilities within injection moulding and extrusion combined with our still improving re- and upcycling craftsmanship became the main reason for doing business with Letbek.

And today, our market approach reflects the holistic and multidisciplinary demands of a world that increasingly acknowledges the need for sustainable action.

Our current product range has therefore grown into more of a solution universe. Where products, technologies, engineering creativity and craftsmanship skills all form the basis of the value we offer our customers and partners.

We are challenge-driven and imagination-bound, but never lose sight of cost, production capacity and technology. Because all the value elements are each other’s prerequisite.

We don’t just manufacture products. We are re-imagineering plastic.​


We custom design and innovate products and solutions for a sustainable future and currently contribute to industries such as:

Customised Solutions & Services

We re-imagine, re-engineer and re-apply in cooperation with some of the most passionate and innovative customers and partners in the world.

Our solutions and services are individually crafted to provide superior craftsmanship, cost effectiveness, competitiveness and sustainable performance.

In later years there has been an increased focus on applying a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) perspective to business management. TCO is a financial estimate intended to determine both the direct and indirect cost of a product, service or system. Some even include social cost in their estimates.

At Letbek our approach favours more of a Total Impact of Ownership (TIO) perspective. To us it is desirable to optimise the amount of plastic material that is applied in every solution and use recycled or upcycled material whenever possible.

Applying circular economy thinking to our innovative processes allows us to focus on the total impact our solution is likely to have on the environment before it is returned to us again, at end of life. And as such extending product life expectancy becomes a significant sustainability factor.

Full Circle – Less Impact – More Value

Total impact of Ownership

We strive to always ship products that we will welcome back. Because once they have outlived their purpose, we need them back again. And again. And again …
Philosophy of Letbek

Standard Letbek Products

Since our humble beginnings in 1973 we have gradually buildt a solid range of standard products that we manufacture regularly and always keep in stock. Ongoing product improvement and process optimisation over decades has buildt a selected range of very competitive, tested and tried products that are either partly or exclusively produced from recycled plastic.

Traffic safety
Cable protection
Cones, covers and top rings