Our history

Letbek was founded in 1973 on the concepts of common sense and craftsmanship

Where we come from, people do not throw away what can be used again. And people take pride in their craft. Plain and simple. That is the solid foundation on which we have built a viable and sustainable business.

Back in 1973, in the midst of the global oil crisis, collecting and recycling plastic simply made more sense than using virgin plastic for production. Nowadays this is called circular thinking. Back then, we had no other words for it than common sense.

Back then, common sense was also what led customers to do business with Letbek. Due to our preference for recycled plastic over virgin plastic we were able to keep product prices lower than most. We still aim to do so, but for nearly half a century we have continuously raised the bar and our ambitions, and we now know that the value we add to our customers goes far beyond low prices.

Today, our competitive edge is both sharper and more versatile. Today, Letbek is known for ingenuity, creativity, quality and for having focus on sustainability. We proudly accept challenges from customers who face sustainability challenges and in close cooperation with them and our suppliers we take great pride in putting all of our decades of accumulated expertise to use.

Our technological capabilities within injection moulding and extrusion combined with our still improving re- and upcycling craftsmanship is now the main reason for doing business with Letbek. Our market approach reflects the holistic and multidisciplinary demands of a world that increasingly acknowledges the need for sustainable action.

Our current product range has grown into more of a solution universe. Where products, technologies, engineering creativity and craftsmanship skills all form the basis of the value we offer our customers and partners.

We are challenge-driven and imagination-bound, but never lose sight of cost, production capacity and technology. Because all the value elements are each other’s prerequisite.

Today we continue to strive to make plastic an even more circular resource. By creating products and solutions that are made to last as long as possible. And by making sure that once they have inevitably outlived their purpose, we are able to disassemble and recycle them into new solutions. By continuously exploring new and innovative alternatives for fossil substances in virgin plastic. And by constantly challenging customers, partners and stakeholders to join our quest for making plastic a circular resource.

We believe that sustainable business makes the world a better place. And we believe that considering plastic a circular resource allows us to address the challenges of our customers without causing new problems for the world.

We call this re-imagineering plastic.
We strive to always ship products that we will welcome back. Because once they have outlived their purpose, we need them back again. And again. And again …
Philosophy of Letbek
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