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Our attention to detail is renowned

Our range of craftsmanship products are characterised by premium quality and superior finish


We are fortunate to be challenged by some of our customers to apply the highest level of craftsmanship to the product that we supply them. We are humbled by the fact that they have chosen Letbek to be their manufacturing partner and have trusted us with their brand and design heritage.

Producing finished parts and elements for a number of iconic designer brands we see it as our task to perpetually improve the performance of the product, maintain the premium quality through attention to detail and consciously transform the production in a more sustainable direction. All at the same time, in order to maintain our customers’ competitiveness and to contribute to a stronger future.

We thrive on great challenges and love beautiful and meaningful design and would be pleased to address some of the challenges you might have. So please feel free to get in contact with us for an initial discussion.

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