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At Letbek we are challenge driven, and we take our customers’ challenges on as our own. We see the possibilities in our customers’ objectives and make them happen, whatever the challenge. And we do it together, in dynamic co-creation processes that are rewarding and valuable to all. We appreciate what our customers do, the responsibilities they carry, the risks they assume. And the possibilities they create. Our role is to make them succeed a little better each day.

We provide imaginative solutions in plastics to our customers

We encourage co-creation processes, from idea to finished product. With the clear aim to develop the best viable solution together. That includes guidance within choice of material, design of subject and development and construction of tools.

It ensures an optimal overall solution for our customers, and sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We offer 3D-print as a natural part of the development process as well as mould flow analysis and strength calculations across all products.

This helps to ensure products of very high quality and efficient development processes.

What is your challenge?

The future calls for innovative and collaborative answers to big challenges

The World is increasingly turning towards a more sustainable future where the solutions of the past will not suffice. The challenges are of a magnitude difficult to understand for most people.

At Letbek we have been contributing towards a more sustainable future since the 1970’s. We act on our beliefs every single day and still address the overwhelming challenges facing the World, one solution at a time.

But what are the challenges you face? And how may we contribute to solving them with you?

Here are just a few of the reasons our customers and partners turn to us with their challenges:

Plastic waste management
Sustainable procurement
Sustainable design
Polymer engineering
Unique craftsmanship manufacturing
Competitive high capacity production
We strive to always ship products that we will welcome back. Because once they have outlived their purpose, we need them back again. And again. And again …
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Challenge us
Challenge us
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