Traffic safety

Letbek carries a wide assortment in traffic control equipment.
Traffic control cylinders Danfod™ + Danpæl™

Danpæl™ is in red or fluorescent plastic and reflective tape provides a high level of traffic safety – day and night.

Punched holes in the top of the cylinder makes it easy to connect a series of traffic control cylinders with barriers or marking tape.

Danfod™ cylinder feet are single-socket to traffic control cylinders.

Danfod™ combi feet are anchoring sockets designed for several marking and sign types. The heavy sockets are provided with ergonomic handles.

All products from Danfod™ are manufactured in Letbek plastic alloy based on modern recycling techniques.

Letbek – crossing ramps and speed bumps

Is removable plastic crossing ramps made of a very durable solid recycled plastic alloy. The ramp is constructed of removable modules and can be built over a half or a whole roadway.

The underside is shaped, so it allows for routing of cables. The crossing ramps are available in two designs, one for building sites and one for general traffic.

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