Polymer engineering

Waste(d) opportunities

Upcycling and re-using plastic waste has been the foundation of Letbek since 1973

We recycle and upcycle plastic from industries and use it to solve the challenges presented to us by our customers. Curiosity, ingenuity, craftmanship and skill has granted us an unparalleled expertise in disassembling plastic and recombining these into new, even stronger and better materials.

The polymer engineering skill involved in recombining plastic fractions of variable quality into new and innovative plastic solutions in large scale production is pivotal to the Letbek relevance.

The world needs a common-sense approach more than ever, and we pride ourselves of running a business on driving the world in a more sustainable direction. One solution at a time.

And perhaps you just might be harvesting additional benefits from cooperating with us – cost reductions, risk reductions, market insights, business opportunities, etc.

If you are looking for new solutions to some of your plastic challenges, we would be pleased to help you find a new, innovative way forward.

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