Letbek was founded on circular sense before the concept even existed

Our founder simply believed, primarily from an economic perspective, that recycling materials made more sense than producing virgin plastic. Today, this makes more sense than ever, and circular sense is much more than just an economic perspective.

At Letbek we firmly believe that plastic can be a circular resource. Our belief is founded in nearly half a century of experience recycling plastic materials and constructing furniture and other products which are both durable and designed for easier disassembly, separation and subsequent recycling when they are eventually worn out.

In fact, this circular economy approach is the very core of the Letbek brand and business. However, despite our extensive experience and expertise, we are constantly striving to improve both our processes and our products. We continue to challenge both ourselves, our customers, and the world as a whole. The goal being to make plastic the circular resource that we believe it rightfully is if we produce, treat, sort, and recycle it properly.

We call this re-imagineering plastic.

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To us sustainability, circular economy and upcycling are far from meaningless buzzwords and platitudes. They are the very foundation on which we have built our company.
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