Procurement with a sustainable focus

Sustainability is good for business

Investing in sustainability makes a lot of sense

Companies are increasingly realising that their long-term success depends on acting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. And consequently, more and more companies are embarking on a transformation journey that will lead to better and more sustainable decisions.

Once the decision is made to invest in a more sustainable future most of these companies find it quite rewarding and beneficial. Because sustainable business is not only good for the world, it’s good for business as well:

  • It mobilizes entire organizations towards worthy and desirable common goals.
  • It future-proofs companies because it forces them to look ahead and relate their strategies to what will become rather than what is.
  • It unveils business opportunity and growth potential, as sustainable business practices established competitiveness and innovation.
  • It builds brand perception of a company with attractive values and purpose.
  • It reduces cost, as sustainable business practices target unnecessary and excess use of packaging, handling, material, etc.
  • It reduces risk, as focus on every cost aspect of the supply chain as well as relationship with suppliers, partners and customers will reveal bad and unsustainable practices, such as child labour, local pollution, etc.

Yet, if the whole supply chain doesn’t comply with the same high standards those efforts can be undone. That’s why focusing on sustainability in procurement makes a lot of sense to most companies. Even if the initial investment to some may seem more of an extra cost.

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Forget all the fluffy stuff about the planet, equality or your grandchildren: the bottom line depends on sustainability.
Sasja Beslik

Head of Sustainable Finance, Nordea Group, for The World Economic Forum 2017

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