Innovative design

Never waste an opportunity to improve the use of plastic

Integrating sustainable thinking in the design phase of every plastic material development process contributes to a better world

No matter how small the impact may seem to our customers we always seek to find new solutions to improve the use of plastic in the products we develop and manufacture. We believe that every step counts. And that every initiative towards a more environmentally responsible use of plastic is important.

We apply all of our material craftsmanship know-how, our ability to re-apply exactly the right upcycled plastic and our re-engineering capabilities to combine plastic responsibly and relevantly with other appropriate materials such as wood, steel and aluminium.

So, if we can prolong the product life of an armchair by intelligently combining several material and technologies we will do so. Or, if we can construct and simplify a plastic/steel drainage channel so that it can easily be disassembled and recycled upon use, we feel obliged to do so.

We call it re-imagineering plastic. It’s a hybrid construction of a word that describes the essence of what makes us relevant to our customers. We started doing it in 1973 and are still perfecting it every day.

If you have a challenge that you would like us to take a look at, we would be delighted to be re-imagineering your plastic solution as well.

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