March 28, 2020

Special precautions and no personal contact: This is how Letbek keep the production going

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Written by: Christine Hoeg Hanson, Communications Consultant at Plastindustrien
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Like the rest of the world, Coronavirus affects the Danish Plastic Industry. Michael Bayer Thomsen, CEO at Letbek A/S, tells how the situation is handled at Letbek A/S. “We support the actions from the Danish authorities 100%, and we do everything we can to secure both our employees and that Letbek will stay strong – also after Corona”.

How do they handle Corona at Letbek A/S, and which special precautions did they introduce?

We have asked Michael Bayer Thomsen, CEO at Letbek A/S in Tistrup, how he and the company handles this extraordinary and difficult situation.

Special precautions

Except from a naturally increased focus on hygiene practices at all working stations, the everyday at Letbek A/S is different in various ways.

Michael Bayer Thomsen explains:

– We have separated our production to avoid social contact between our employees. Furthermore, we have changed the set-up for breaks and divided the employees in several teams. We only have key employees at work in our administration, and the rest is working from home.

At the same time, they have cancelled all visits both internally and externally. All dialogue with customers and suppliers is going on online.

Trucks with in- and outbound goods must report in closed areas, and all loading/ unloading is without personal contact.

Adapting to the situation on hourly basis

Michael Bayer Thomsen, CEO at Letbek A/S tells that there is a great focus on keeping production going, at the same time with considering the announcements made by authorities.

– We act and adapt on a daily basis – almost on hourly basis. Now we have experienced a decline in orders, which can affect our activity level in the end. In the next weeks, our focus is to keep production going, to avoid our customers being affected by delays.

– It will be essential when and how fast markets will open again. We have a very strong unity in our company, which will ensure we will get through this very special and tragic situation, and we are monitoring this situation on an ongoing basis.

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