Window corner profile in recycled plastic


Through product development, analysis and common competencies, we have developed a window rebate that is partly produced in recycled plastic. Plastic which was previously boxes used for the production of cheese. The product paves the way for environmentally friendly production and a circular economy based on recycling, rethinking and the final production of a product that can be recycled - over and over again. The new corner profile has a long durability, and the material lasts even longer when it is recycled. At the same time, it has become a stronger product - both in terms of mounting and cold load. - We have used each other's competencies to solve a challenge for the customer, and we have a product where we have not compromised on anything. However, we are not satisfied until we have reached our goal. The next step in the process is to be able to produce the entire window rebate in regenerate.

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Window corner profile in recycled plastic
Window corner profile in recycled plastic
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